Monday, August 4, 2008

Here Comes Hurricane Edouard

Okay! All the contents of my rickety potting shed, the plants in dangly baskets, construction site junk, and other light garden accoutrement are now stacked in the brand new garage. Cars will still be outside, due to shortage of a driveway.

One more thing remains. The portable toilet brought in for the construction workers is still here. The contractor tells me that maybe it will get picked up today, maybe not. Let’s assume not, so we can find the funny side to an impending storm. Want to guess which way the toilet will fall when the winds get up to 50 miles an hour? Will it fall over on Celeste the fig tree? Will it crash into the gate or on the car parked beside it? Will the Mister and I lash the outhouse to the fence, as an unplanned way to celebrate togetherness on our anniversary?

Check back for the results, which I will post when the power is restored! Not to spoil the anticipation, but I don’t think there is anything inside for the outhouse to spew when it blows over.

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