Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Garden on a Branch

Resurrection ferns (Polypodium polypoidioides) are looking pretty good today. Rain makes them unfurl their crispy brown fronds into the lushness you see here. They can go for years without rain and still be alive. It’s a great trick that more plants should learn.

These epiphytes are growing on a neighbor’s venerable old live oak. My live oak at about 20 years is still too young to interest resurrection ferns.


Mary Beth said...

We don't get near the rain you do in Houston but how I'd love to have some Resurrection Ferns in my garden - I have a very old oak with a large branch parallel to the ground. If these won't work for me, I may have to figure out what would give a similar effect. Thanks for introducing me to Resurrection Ferns.

Lucy Corrander said...

That really is a very lovely image.

Lucy Corrander

P.S. Popping by from Blotanical L.C.

Muddy Mary said...

Mary Beth, I think you can get them started by putting part of a limb with ferns growing on it up in your tree. I'll send you a piece if you want to try.