Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good Garden!

This photo looks like a stroll in a park doesn’t it? It’s actually the front garden (“front yard” doesn’t seem to fit here) of a house on my extended dog walking route, right in the inner loop of town.

The concrete block house, set on a two lots, is very austere but you can hardly see it from the sidewalk. It was pushed way back to let the front garden and courtyard space predominate.

To me, the garden is not overgrown, just woodsy. It has plants in loose drifts, not in a hodgepodge. Have you ever noticed that nature doesn’t plant a hodgepodge, only people do?

And there is art! Here’s a sculpture by a Houston artist, the remarkable Gertrude Barnstone. Just look at all those inland sea oats in the foreground. Well, thanks for walking a moment with me.

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