Monday, July 21, 2008

Something about Mary

I come from a long line of farming people and I get out into the garden by instinct. If I am too long from the dirt and sunlight I get a restless feeling that I call my Peasant Uprising. I count the minutes until I can get outside and pull some weeds. As it is for many, it is often my job which keeps me from my garden. Ironically, my job is designing other people’s gardens and landscapes, and helping to get them constructed.

My family and I live and garden at a 80+ year old house in the Montrose. However, the front garden is still pretty young, and the back garden has been a construction site til recently. Now some very cool things are in the plans: a pawpaw orchard, rain swales, solar lighting, all permeable paving, a parte terre vegetable garden with a horse trough fountain.

While my garden is getting established, I'll offer my observations on plants I recommend for this area, ones I warn against, favorite gardens, landscape myth busting, side trips and whatever else I hope will entertain and inform a fellow gardener.

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Anonymous said...

I love the "peasant uprising." It must be what I have too.~~Dee