Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bamboo at MAC

I went up to the Margaret Austin Center to see if they needed another volunteer to wrangle bamboo at their grove-thinning wingding today. They did.

This stand of green-streaked gold culms is Painted bamboo/Bambusa vulgaris vittata. The organizer of the bamboo maintenance assault, Jill, thinks it makes the best sounding flutes. She says that Margaret Austin came back from a visit to a monastery in Thailand with two rhizomes. Now look at it, thirty years later:

Here is bit of the other bamboo grove, of a species I don’t know. The architecture dominates the scene, no? If I have the history straight, that building was designed and constructed by University of Houston architecture students who later became part of the Ant Farm Collective. The Ant Farm doesn’t ring a bell? Maybe you know one of their projects, Cadillac Ranch, in Amarillo, Texas:

The cars were painted pink for breast cancer awareness, summer 2006.

Another funky building, the meeting hall at the Margaret Austin Center:
These canes will be crafted into flutes, fences, and furniture.


1950Spartan said...

"flutes, fences, and furniture..."

Two rizomes!! Hot tamales. You need to be decontaminated before you come anywhere near fertile soil. Geez. Kinda reminds me of the evil vine that possessed my old Union Street house. I guess I should have had an annual posse of volunteers to help me get that stuff whipped up into some wicker porch furnture and rattan screens. Can't think of a musical instrument you can make with a vine, though...

BTW, I think "Volunteer Bamboo Wrangler, At Large" would look great on a business card....

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

What a great volunteer project.