Monday, March 23, 2009

Seedlings, no tag

These shorties sprouted from the pits of some exotic fruit eaten 3+ years ago. Cherimoya? Mamey? Sapotes? Canistel? Weeds? The tags are long gone.

Both seedlings were in a pot which was plundered by squirrels, haphazardly shifted around the garden whenever our construction site encroached, stowed in the dense shade of a tree and rarely watered, abandoned outside all winter, then repotted. It is amazing that they have survived my plant propagation 'technique'.

Maybe someone will recognize the leaves and if so, tell me please! I think it might be nice to know what I am growing.


Gardeness said...

Great seedlings, even if they're unidentified for now. Look forward to finding out what they are.

Mary Beth said...

Sorry but I'm clueless re: what type fruit your seedlings are. But I am so pleased to know I'm not the only haphazard gardener around. I probably wouldn't have even remembered it was a fruit!

islandgal246 said...

They are malay apple seedlings. I have a tree growing in my garden. They are large trees. They are fast growing and bear quite early, in their third year.