Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Peace Place

The day that Hurricane Ike landed, I was at Vallecitos Mountain Refuge. It’s a retreat center high up in the Carson National Forest of New Mexico, many miles from a paved road. Besides creating a little community with a remarkable set of folks from around the country (and Japan!), I simply love being there. Every autumn, Vallecitos is my bee-loud glade. A few images:

A warm hug on a frosty morning, with Wendy Johnson, one of the retreat leaders. A hint of how amazing Wendy is: she composted the manuscript for her book Gardening at the Dragon’s Gate.


compost in my shoe said...

What a beautiful the shot of the horse in the landscape....!

EKONOMI HIJAU said... is very beautifull, I dream I can visit this place, while I can "designing of reforestation and the Arts for my Solid Table. Nice to know you !

Muddy Mary said...

Compost, Thanks. The photos you took on your own New Mexico rambles really captured the colors and light so well. And Mursyid, I hope that you can make a visit Vallecitos yourself some day. Good luck with your studies!