Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Ike Update

It's not that bad for us. I wasn't even around for the storm; I was in dry New Mexico. When I got back to Houston, the neighbors were having a little party by candle light and an acoustic jam in the frontyard. Shattered trees were all around, and the power was off, but it was strangely cool, mosquito-free, and good.

Now the sweetness of that first evening home is gone. The mosquito population is mighty, the mercury is rising, and the electricity is still off. Gas and ice are luxuries we try to do without. Communications are conducted by cell phones that are always nearly discharged.

All these annoyances are so minor compared to life on the coastline right now. My garden was roughed up, but not drowned in saltwater. We have fallen trees, but not fallen buildings, in our landscape. We have friends with electricity who have brought cold drinks, offered laundry and beds in air conditioned guest rooms. This is no Katrina for us and I am so thankful!

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